A-1 B-1

A-1 B-1:  vinyl record collage by Mark Benton & Timothy Didymus.

We find old abandoned records, cut them and reassemble the pieces from several different discs, combining them into a ‘remake’. Then, we glue the collaged vinyl back together and play them. It’s hard to describe the sound world it creates, you can listen for yourself from the video clips below. It’s not logical, it’s not even sensible, yet we find it fascinating.

video clips: A-1 B-1 remake XII / A-1 B-1 remake X / A-1 B-1 remake II

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a1 b1 b&w xA-1 B-1-blackyellow xA-1 B-1 blue white xA-1 B-1-redblue  xA-1 B-1_1557 xA-1 B-1 ery9E xA-1 B-1 dyJ6w xA-1 B-1_1552