Floating Points

Floating Points in the OMV Klangpark (2003) Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

A 250,000-watt acoustic ambience transmitted via 4 towers at the “Klangpark” an open-air acoustic projection space in Linz.

Generative music retrospective. 4 x 12 hour performances.

Koan software music compositions by Paul Cohen, Tim Cole, Timothy Didymus, Brian Eno, Andrew Garton, Richard Garrett, Michael Hagleitner, Mark Harrop, Al Jolley, Yoshio Machida, Kelvin L. Smith, Mashashi Genzan Yano.

Each tower will be assigned a simultaneous signal.
The distance between the towers:
2 towers near the Brucknerhaus: 60 meters
2 towers near the river Danube: 80 meters
Distance between the Brucknerhaus and the river: 120 meters

Curated by Timothy Didymus


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